The series of alloy locks deliver a variety of excellent abilities: anti-saw, anti-hammer, anti-drill, anti-acid and anti-hex key to provide great security. The hardened shackle padlock features outstanding cut-resistant, and the laminated long shackle padlock features a durable laminated alloy body and warded locking mechanism to minimize jamming. Choose the most suitable one according to your needs!

As a leading OEM padlock manufacturer and supplier in China, we not only offer high-quality alloy padlocks, including zinc alloy padlocks, zinc alloy 3-Digit password padlocks, and so on, but also a variety of safety padlocks, such as the weatherproof padlock set, doorset door locks, luggage padlock set, laminated long shackle padlock, automatic door lock system for home. For more information, please feel free to contact us!